g-Hive Membership

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a member of the g-Hive – open to girls*, 8-18 years old, from around the world?  Explore our different membership options below (click on the link to be forwarded to the payments page), or contact us for more information!

Digibees Online g-Hive Membership : 75 euro per year

  • Unlimited sharing & learning in a safe, girl-only online environment
  • Access to all materials in the g-Hive knowledge base
  • Connect with other g-Hive Digibees
  • Priority access to events at the g-Hive
  • Direct access to g-Hive network experts
  • 10% reduction on paid events at the g-Hive

Honibees Membership : 295 euro per year

  • All of the above  AND
  • Unlimited access to workshops at the g-Hive
  • Minimal contribution for unsponsored materials

Bizibees Membership :  695 euro per year

  • All of the above AND
  • Self-led project hours in the g-Hive
  • Expert-supported g-Hive projects
  • Use of material during g-Hive lab hours

We welcome girls from under-served communities in the g-Hive!  If you or your organisation would like to sponsor one or more girls from these communities for g-Hive membership, please contact us !

*anyone who identifies as a girl