Gearing up for EU Code Week!

Here we go, busy Bees! Next week is EU Code Week (#codeEU) and we have great workshops planned for everyone, girls from 8-99 years old!


We will be talking about the Future of the Internet: the Internet of Things (IoT for short)! What is IoT, and how we can make objects around us come to life, talk to us and make a positive contribution to our everyday life? We will try to answer these questions and work on a hands-on electronics project creating an interactive poster with electric paint. We will also take our first steps inĀ coding and writing short programs.

To register for these workshops, sign up here:

Girls and the Future Internet (Oct. 14, 14:00-17:00, for ages 8-12 years):

Girls and the Future Internet 2 (Oct. 17, 14:00-17:00, for girls and women, ages 13 years and above):

See you all there!!! šŸ™‚



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