Hey there!

Hello to all you curious, ambitious, shy, talented, fun-loving, tech-savvy girls and girls-at-heart!!!

This is the start of something big for all of us! Yeah, finally! A fine space to test and learn, share and coach each other, support and give each other a helping hand in discovering new things in the world of technology!

This is your home, away from home. And the girls and women here are part of your family, a sisterhood committed to learning together in a fun and safe environment!

We will be coding, tinkering, 3D printing and creating — to your heart’s content! šŸ™‚

Welcome to the g-Hive, we are so happy to welcome all girls from all schools into this community!!!

My name is Rosanna, and together with Natasha, let’s discover new fields that are disrupting the worlds of science, technology, and art!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 13.28.44

(This is Rosanna, riding on a boat exploring the ancient canals in Ayutthaya, Thailand.)